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Integral Embodiment and Integral Performance Making

17 – 28 June 2024

Welcome to the Summer Intensive 2024 of the Thomas Prattki Centre at!

Every year, the centre offers a 2-week summer intensive for experienced practitioners in the performing, healing, and educational arts from around the world.

Whether you are interested in taking some time for yourself in an urban retreat-like atmosphere to listen through means of the expressive arts to your deeper calling/s at this stage of your personal and professional life, or wish to explore how your personal process could become a point of departure for the creation of original performance and transformative action, this summer intensive offers you an exciting opportunity to make the next step on your personal and professional journey.

We look forward to meeting you!

With best wishes,

Thomas Prattki



The workshop addresses advanced practitioners in the field of the performing, healing and/or educational arts interested in a deeper exploration of the links between performance-making and Self-development.

The first week of this year’s summer intensive offers a 5-day introduction to Integral Embodiment as an expressive arts-based practice in support of personal and professional self-realization. It is possible to apply for just this first week.

The second week introduces participants to Integral Performance Making, a practice aiming at connecting the process of personal and professional Self-realization to the making of projects/performances that aim at change and transformative action within the contexts relevant to the maker/s.
Participation in this week is only possible for those participants who have completed the 5-day introduction to Integral Embodiment in the first week.

This summer intensive is also an introduction to the certificate course in Integral Embodiment and both the certificate program and the MA/MFA program in Integral Performance Making (MA/MFA in collaboration with Rose Bruford College in London). In order to be able to apply to one of these courses or programs – the next cycle begins in Oct/Nov 2024 – participation in one of the introductory courses, such as this summer intensive, is mandatory.


Week 1 : Integral Embodiment
17.-21.6. 2024

The 5-day workshop offers experienced practitioners in the field of the performing, healing, and educational arts an initial introduction to Integral Embodiment, an expressive arts-based practice using physical theatre, the visual arts, embodied writing, holistic movement/voice, and intensive work with archetypal dynamics to support the process of personal and professional self-realization, of giving meaning and purpose to the different stages of our unfolding life.

During these days, we will work with folk tales and myths approaching their stories as metaphors for the deeper movements in our collective and personal psyche. Using mask work, movement, holistic voice work, drawing, painting and writing to approach those archetypal motifs related to the quest for one’s deeper calling at the different stages of our lives, participants will be introduced to Integral Embodiment as an initiatic practice of “soul-making”, as the development of a perspective on life which integrates imagination, intuition, fantasy and metaphor into our search for meaning and purpose.

The workshop is also a taster for the certificate program in Integral Embodiment, a modular journey across four intensives of 3 weeks each that unfolds over 18 months. The next program cycle begins in October/November 2024 and runs until spring 2026.
Tuition Fee: 500,00 Euros


Week 2 : Integral Performance Making
24.-28.6. 2024

Integral Performance Making provides a space of research for the development and creation of performative projects, transformative actions and liminal spaces that have their origins in those images, intuitions and fantasies that emerge on one’s own individuation journey with a numinous charge, similar to dreams we might not understand but carry with us over long periods of time. Participants will be invited to work with images and intuitions that have emerged during the first week of the summer intensive and take them as a point of departure for the creation of performative vignettes. The creative process during these days will be supported through one-on-one mentoring, an ongoing movement/voice practice, and a laboratory-style open space for peer group exchange and collaboration. The participants will share their performative vignettes with each other at the end of the week.

Participation in this research laboratory is only possible for those practitioners who have completed the 5-day Integral Embodiment workshop week.

The research laboratory (plus previous Integral Embodiment week) provide a taster for the modular certificate and MA/MFA program in Integral Performance Making.
The next program cycle begins in October/November 2024.

Tuition Fee for week 1 and 2: 800,00 Euros


Workshop Leaders

Thomas Prattki

Thomas is the founder and director of, an international creative hub for theatre makers from around the world. He has been the pedagogical director of the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, before creating in 2003 the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and in 2014 the Thomas Prattki Centre for Integral Movement and Performance Studies as an independent department of LISPA. In 2015, before Brexit hits the UK, he moves LISPA to Berlin where it later becomes

As a performer, Thomas has toured the world extensively with Mummenschanz, a world-renowned company combining movement, mask and the visual arts. He has directed, taught and lectured for the last three decades in over 30 different countries.

In recent years, he dedicates most of his practical research time to further exploring Integral Embodiment, a process and practice he has developed over the past two decades, linking practice-based research into altered states of consciousness through the use of contemplative practices, ritual, the expressive arts, and the work with masks, myths and archetypal motifs, to the process of performance making.

The workshop process is supported by guest facilitators from the IE / IPM / arthaus network


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