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IMPP Program 2022- 2024

in association with ITR Centre gGmbH

The Practice of Embodiment : an entry into the IMPP Program

07 March – 08 April 2022

Module 1 of the next cycle of IMPP begins with a 5-week Module open to all applicants. Contact us if you are interested in participating.

The 2-year part-time IMPP professional development program addresses advanced practitioners in the performing, healing and educational arts interested in personal transformation, self-exploration and the process of individuation, whether for use in environments for personal or professional growth or as the next step in one’s own individuation process.

Through an interdisciplinary expressive arts-based practice, which includes moving, devising and performing; painting, sculpting and writing as well as video art, installation and other forms of creative expression, you will explore the collective imagination of humankind, as expressed in myths, tales and shamanic visions, contemporary art, (sub-)culture and the sciences. IMPP aims at the development of an embodied awareness for the archetypal forces at play in these stories, movements and images, allowing you to understand the different ways how they might influence our own process of becoming who we want to be. The program invites you as well to give form to your own “myths”, visions and intuitions, relevant to you individually and possibly also for the times we live in, or support others in shaping their stories.

Summer School Workshops 2021

in association with ITR Centre International Summer School

Working with Archetypal Images

02-04 August 2021: Monday – Wednesday

10:00 – 16:00 (inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break)

The workshop introduces a movement-based approach to archetypal images and motifs which explore the different dynamics of the creative (life)process. Through use of the Neutral Mask participants are invited to make contact with these powerful images and how they can be of use for the development of our artistic and personal creativity, whether we are at the beginning of our creative journey or already well on our way as experienced practitioners.

Of Dreamweavers and Mythmakers

05-07 August 2021: Thursday – Saturday

10.00 – 16.00 (inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break)

The workshop explores the process of individuation as the lifelong process of developing ones own unique creative potential. Through moving, painting, sculpting and writing, through masks, myths and fairy tales participants are invited to make contact with their creative intuition and memory and listen to the already existing collective myths underneath our skin as well as to our personal myth/s in the making.

Price: 350€ for both workshops, 200€ for one

Workshop 3 offers a good introduction to the full-time certificate or Masters Program in Devising Theatre and Performance (DTAP) at, and workshop 4 allows participants interested in the MA/MFA or certificate program in Integral Movement and Performance Practice (IMPP) to get an initial insight into the process of the IMPP program.

To apply or if you have any questions, please Contact Us

Introduction short courses

2021 and 2022

…coming soon…

Summer School Retreat

Week 1 : 27 – 31 July 2020

Week 2 : 3 – 7 August 2020

The retreat will be led by the founder and director of the TPC, Thomas Prattki, and members of his team, and offers an insight into the teachings of the centre. Whether you would like to take the retreat  as an opportunity for professional and personal development or wish to know more about the 3-year certificate or MA part-time program in Integral Movement and Performance Practice, offered by Rose Bruford College in collaboration with the TPC,  this retreat is an excellent opportunity to get to know our work. 

The retreat aims to offer space for contemplation and deep listening as well as time for the exploration of an integral approach to movement, performance and individuation. It addresses advanced practitioners interested in a more holistic vision of movement and performance, which takes the body we are as well as the worlds we imagine as a point of departure for the creation of performance. 

This dialogue with our senses, inner images and movement impulses wishes to encourage the ongoing development of personal and artistic autonomy and to inspire the creation of performances, which have their roots in our bodySelf.

Participants can choose to join the retreat for both weeks or for the first week only.

Week 1 

27 -31 July 2020

Integral Listening

During the first week participants are invited over 5 days to a deep listening experience through meditation and movement, painting and sculpting, embodiment and performance making. Seeking contact with The Body I am, these days aim to give importance to listening in all its variations and how it can deepen our experience of our body as part of a much larger, interconnected field, which stimulates creative research in vastly different areas such as world mythology, eco psychology, holistic healing practices and interdisciplinary performance making. Throughout these days each participant will create a diary, made of paintings, drawings, scribblings, notes and quotes, which then becomes the point of departure for the creation of a short performance/ritual/sharing on the last day of this week. 

Participants should have professional experience in the movement based performing, educational or healing arts.  

Week 2

3 – 7 August 2020

Mask, Myth and Individuation

The second week of the summer retreat allows participants to explore the role of mask and myth in our individuation process. Integrating the teachings of C.G. Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, we look at individuation as the process underneath our daily life, which  aims at the creation of an autonomous life, where we become the writers of our own life story. Through the use of the Neutral Mask as well as through the making of our own masks we dive into the world of myths and tales to see how they might be able to support the creation of our own myth, our own life story. 

Participation in the second week of the summer retreat is only possible for those who have completed the first week as well.

Fees : 

Week 1 : 550,00 Euro

Week 1 and 2 : 950,00 Euro

To apply please Contact Us

Open Day 2020

Saturday 18 April 2020


Fee: free of charge

The Thomas Prattki Centre is pleased to invite you to its Open Day 2020 at the Eden Studios in Berlin Pankow.
The Open Day offers an excellent opportunity to get an initial insight into the work of the TPC and its holistic approach to movement and performance. Participants interested in a first contact with the TPC, the Summer School Retreat 2020 or the 3-Year part time MA or Certificate program in Integral Movement and Performance Practice will have the chance to get a first hand experience of our work, our teaching and our working studios.
The Open Day offers a 3-hour workshop with founder and director Thomas Prattki, followed by a 45 min question and answer group session.
Participation in the Open Day is free, but requires an application with your CV and a short letter of motivation.
We look forward to meeting you !