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IMPP Workshop May 2023

8 – 19 May 2023

Night Sea Journeys

Traveling like the heroines and heroes of all times into the Unknown, crossing shadowlands and descending into underworlds – the archetypal motif of the Night Sea Journey is one of the most well-known metaphors for the process of individuation and the development of one’s autonomy through awareness for and embodiment of the Self. The workshop explores the motif through multiple approaches, from journeys into the world of dark fairy tales to drifts into the Unknown in the city of Berlin,  from using mask, movement and contemplative practices to the creation of performative vignettes (video, collage, movement choreography, soundscapes, writing, painting, etc.) which explore pathways to a new understanding of Self at the beginning of the 21st century

The first week will be dedicated to explorations of and excursions into the motif of the Night Sea Journey, led by the team. The second week’s focus will be on developing performative vignettes, individually or in collaboration with other group members. This devising process will allow participants to explore elements of their first week’s process more deeply through an embodied writing practice and using their own choice of performative modalities. The team members will support the embodied writing process through small group mentoring and individual meetings. Participants are invited to share their performative vignettes at the end of the second week.

The workshop addresses advanced practitioners in the field of the performing, healing and/or educational arts interested in a deeper exploration of the links between performance-making and Self-development.

Integral Movement and Performance Practice / IMPP is a process and a practice that has been developed over more than 20 years by Thomas Prattki in his work with practitioners in the performing, healing and educational arts. IMPP explores the process of individuation, of developing one’s unique way of being in this world and contributing in meaningful ways to the development of a deeper Self-awareness at the beginning of the 21st century, through performative research, contemplative practice and a movement-based exploration of archetypal motifs all related to the process of individuation. IMPP combines elements of Carl Gustav Jung’s insights into personal growth, Jacques Lecoq’s research into practices of embodiment, and approaches to the trans-personal as introduced by Maria Hippius and Karlfried Graf Dürckheim. Additionally, it offers research into multiple fields of research, from neurosciences to eco-psychology and feminist theory, to name a few.

The next Cycle of the full program will be starting in October 2023. To take part in the program we require participation in a workshop. If you participate in this workshop in May you can apply for the next cycle of the program

Workshop Leaders

Thomas Prattki & Team

From the 8th till the 19th of May 2023
Schedule: from Mo – Fr from 10.00 till 16.00 (inclusive of a one-hour break)

Eden***** Studios, Breite Str. 43, 13187 BERLIN
Tuition fee
700,00 Euro

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Next full IMPP program starting in October 2023!

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